"New Classic Rock" from Plastic Yellow Band.

"Top to bottom, the album is killer"

Robert Ottone, Just Press Play

“As a debut, Breathe Air is wholly impressive. As a rock album in general, it’s impressive still.”

Brian Lion, Under The Gun

“The tracks are carefully crafted, simple or complex depending upon the intent or desired intensity. Few can pull off this classic rock upgrade. ...Plastic Yellow Band is right on time.”

Rock World Magazine

“This band can rock you to the core, then bring you down an emotional landslide that has the potential to provoke you to tears.”

Rebecca Hosking, Skope Magazine

“Thoughtful, emotional lyricism comes together with expert arrangement production to make this debut a winner.”

Jared Wolf, Indiemunity

Jennings has taken a genre and turned it inside out, quite literally breathing a whole new life into it”

Nathan Pike, All Whats Rock

”Gerry Jennings created a masterpiece with Plastic Yellow Band”

Music and More Nashville

“Billed as ‘new classic rock’, this band channels the musical spirit of groups from the 70s and early 80s to a masterful mix that is making critics take note.”

A. Neff, CelebrityVIPLounge

“musically speaking, it’s a breath of fresh air”

Evan Morgan, HonestReviewsCorner

“A beautiful sounding album, Breathe Air is one you will have on repeat.”

Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music

“Sunlight I-III is an epic composition that concludes Breathe Air. Each of the three parts speaks with a decidedly different voice, while the Plastic Yellow Band is able to showcase their musical virtuosity.”

James McQuiston, NeuFutur

“The focus is more on melody than bathing you in dripping sonic head trips. There is a great guitar sound on this and any aspiring guitarists might take note of the dynamic yet tasteful playing on this album.”

Will Lewellyn, Abysmal Hymns

“So many of these songs sound like unearthed treasures from classic rock’s greatest bands. Breathe Air is a fantastic album”

Cody Conrad, Big Take Over

“A cool thing...the ‘Play Along’ videos, which provide instructions and tips from the band members."

Mart Kawaii, Flowers in a Gun

“If you’re a fan of The Beatles or Pink Floyd, I would strongly recommend giving ‘Plastic Yellow Band’ a listen.”

Karen Hill, Just Relax Magazine UK

“The ‘new classic rock’ genre is a perfect fit for the band, as they bring a refreshing spin on the classic sound which sounds amazing and will hit the spot with any true rockers.”

Tracey Dawkins, Vents Magazine

"Sunlight (I), (II) & (III) present listeners with a full view of what Plastic Yellow Band is all about - birthing the new classic rock sound. The Sunlight suite complements a well-developed 12 song album…Grade: A.”

 Kyle Jarmon, The Examiner

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